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The Renal Pathology Society for the 2nd International Meeting of the International Kidney and Monoclonal Gammopathy Research Group (IKMG) will meet in La Rochelle, France on September 3rd – 4th of 2015.  The purpose of the IKMG is to promote the study and research of monoclonal gammopathy related kidney diseases.  This meeting will cover clinical and scientific topics that are at the forefront of this disease group.  There will be a session on therapeutics and response measurement in AL amyloidosis.  It is the only meeting of its kind that brings together experts from Nephrology, Hematology, Renal Pathology and basic science. 

Guy Touchard, Congress President and Nelson Leung, IKMG President

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Very provisional: the first plans have been made to organize the next ISA symposium in Uppsala, Sweden, 3-7 July 2016. The dates still need final confirmation, but for the moment it may be useful for all of us to save the date until we learn more.

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A Geramy symposium will be organized in Heidelberg, on 20 and 21 November 2015. GERAMY is the GERman consortium for systemic light chain (AL) AMYloidosis, founded in 2012. One of the aims of this symposium is to present and discuss the results of three years of research by the GERAMY collaborators.

Stefan Schönland, Ute Hegenbart, Marcus Fändrich and Erich Wanker

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2015 Research Grant Program Applications are now available


The Amyloidosis Foundation supports Junior Researchers during the 2015 Application Period.

For instructions, Terms and Conditions and the Application please

Visit our Website

Applications are due August 31, 2015.

Please forward to any of your colleagues that may be interested.



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